As with all business decisions, upgrading your servers / network / computers comes down to a question of cost vs. benefit.

If you are not sure your systems need to be upgraded, here are eight signs:

   It crawls - when your computer system starts running slow it may be time to upgrade or replace

   It's noisy - when your computer equipment starts making too much noise it's a good indicator that hardware failure is just around the corner

   Something doesn't feel right - is it taking longer and longer to do the same function? If you have a sinking feeling about your system, chances are it could be ready for an upgrade

   There's no more room - if you have run out of storage space or memory you will need to plan an upgrade very soon
   It sucks up your time - if you're spending more time on dealing with computer problems, it's time to upgrade

   It's out of warranty - if your hardware is more than three years old - then there's a good chance you need some kind of upgrade

   Your computer system's performance is otherwise impaired - does your system seize up or have a hiccup often? We can help you monitor the performance of your system to help identify if an upgrade is required

   The Big Bang happens - when a catastrophic failure occurs there is no other option but to upgrade or replace

Unique Networks can work with your business to identify what equipment needs to be upgraded to get the most benefit from your upgrade for the best price.