• We are a medium sized practice with approximately 40 staff across 2 offices. From the commencement of the Firm in 2007, we have had an ongoing struggle to ensure that our IT systems have kept up with both the growth of the Firm and the ever changing landscape in which we compete, whilst remaining cost effective. Since 2007, Unique Networks have been charged with the responsibility of advising us and providing all of our IT expansion and maintenance services, commencing with the implementation of new servers in 2007 and more recently ensuring a flow of services to a second office.

    I could not commend Matthew and his team more highly in the way in which they have performed. They respond immediately to questions and issues as they arise and are pro-active in both their service and their maintenance. Unique Networks are not only professional, they carry out their services with minimal disruption and down time to the staff.

    I highly recommend Unique Networks to anyone seeking friendly and professional network administration, IT support and maintenance.

    Greg Rostron

  • We have been extremely pleased with the service we have received from Unique Networks.

    They have always responded quickly to any questions or issues we may have. Their work has been carried out competently, professionally, and with minimal disruption to the organisation. I highly recommend Unique Networks to anyone who wants professional network administration, IT support and maintenance.

    Anthony Jones
    John Miller
    Peter Lauder

  • The Bub Hub's server and network have been looked after for many years by Unique Networks which encompasses support, maintenance and system administration, www.uniquenetworks.com.au

    Over that time our system requirements have changed significantly and Matt and his team have helped us every step of the way, from adding new computers to replacing servers and extending the network in the office.

    Brad Lauder

  • Unique Networks has helped me and most importantly my company operate faster and smoother without overlooking details. I consider Unique Networks to be a genuine business partner which is important because it helps me believe that Unique networks cares about my company's future and success just as much as I do as the owner.

    I highly recommend Unique Networks and have been very impressed with Matthew's actions, his integrity as a business person and his genuine concern with creating value for his clients. He has a solid business background, is well versed in identifying the value of his customer's expertise, creating new revenue and growth opportunities.

    Gavin Beavis

What is unique with us...

We have extensive experience installing, configuring and maintaining products from the following IT Partners

  • Microsoft
  • HP
  • Cisco
  • IBM
  • Citrix
  • Dell
  • Clearswift
  • APC
  • McAfee
  • Symantec
  • Sophos
  • VMware
  • Apple

What they say about us

"We strongly recommend anyone with a server (or thinking of getting a server) or more than 4 computers to contact Matt's Team for a review."

Marketing Manager

Brad Lauder
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